Guest Registration

We welcome you as a guest of Brookhaven National Laboratory, whether you will be visiting us in person or remotely accessing our systems. Brookhaven really appreciates the contributions of our diverse community of guests. As a national laboratory, we must meet compliance with many U.S. Department of Energy Orders and regulations (see resources below), and so we ask for your patience and perseverance in our requests for information so that we can best facilitate your visit or access in the quickest way possible. Thank you – and we look forward to having you as part of the Brookhaven community!

You can expect it will take about 15 minutes to complete the registration form. Most of you will be required to upload proof of your identification securely within the registration form. Please be prepared to do so with electronic files.

  • New guests - use orange New Registration box
  • Returning guests - use green Renew Appointment box
  • If you started a form but did not complete it – use blue Continue Registration box

  Non-US citizens accessing BNL for connection to research objectives are required to include their Curriculum Vitae (CV) with their registration. Please be sure you have listed all educational institutions attended, as well as all work experience, after secondary (high) school or equivalent. Experiences should be listed with month and year started and ended. If there is one month or more where there is no education and work experience, please list the dates and the activity/activities going on during that time. Please be prepared to upload a PDF copy of your current CV (without gap periods), or if you do not have a CV, feel free to use the optional CV template available below. Follow the instructions provided in the registration form.

Download Optional CV Template

You need to access BNL, but your appointment has expired or is expiring soon. You must have your Guest Number.

You started a registration or extension and would like to pick up where you left off. You must have your GR Number.

You never registered to come to BNL or you started a registration but did not receive a GR Number.